Vinyl Tablecloths For Cake Displays

After months of planning, this is the time to surprise your kid on his birthday with his favourite cake. As a veteran in baking cakes, you use all your expertise and come out with a delicious cake that would be just about perfect for the occasion. However, what have you done about the cake's overall presentation? An oil cloth fabric tablecloth with wonderful designs will perfectly complement the cake that you have baked with so much love.

Extra information about vinyl coated tablecloths

Wide choice

It is always surprising that how often people tend to overlook the importance of the humble tablecloth. Take a look at some of the latest from the Just Wipe's oil cloth tablecloth range for example. They come in a wide range of stylish designs and styles. You can find a design just right for every occasion. Whatever may be the occasion you want to celebrate, whether it is a birthday, wedding or just a wedding anniversary, you can find tablecloths to match every theme. Perhaps the best place to find out about the latest design trends is the internet. There are scores of websites that can offer you valuable information on the topic.

Placing the table

Now that you have got both the cake and the right tablecloth, the next thing that you need to pay attention to is where you place this ensemble. It should be right in the center of a room. Remember, your guests should not go hunting for the cake. Moreover, if you want the cake to be the cynosure of all eyes, what is the point in hiding it in a corner? Go ahead and flaunt your delicious cake.

Tablecloth finishes

You can find oil cloth tablecloths coming in both matt, as well as gloss finishes. The former is ideally suited to homes with kids, since matt finish does not show up rough handling. If you are looking for something flashier though, there is nothing like vinyl coated tablecloths with the glossy finish.

Tough cookies

One of the best things about these hard-working oil cloth tablecloths is that they keep going on and on, while requiring minimal maintenance. What makes them so durable? In order to understand this, you need to go into details about the materials used in their production. They are made up of a base fabric which is 100% cotton. The variety of catchy designs are then printed on the cotton base fabric. The entire tablecloth is then coated with PVC, which gives it the wipe clean finish. Also known as vinyl coated tablecloths, a further layer of coating makes them have either a gloss or a matt finish.

Advantages galore

One of the biggest advantages with the vinyl coated or oil cloth fabric tablecloths is that they don't require washing. The coating would automatically ensure that any stain can be easily wiped off. The coating will also ensure that the tablecloth doesn't fray even after use for a long time. Additionally, there is also no need for any kind of hemming too, adding to their already lengthy list of advantages.